Alec, a student of the NSHSS Scholarship
Interview to a NSHSS student in Tía Tula Spanish School

Tía Tula Spanish School Scholarships for NSHSS Members

Come this summer and enjoy the Spanish experience at Tía Tula, the perfect place to learn Spanish!

Tía Tula Spanish School

Situated in downtown Salamanca, the heart of the Spanish language, Tía Tula Spanish School is a language teaching center accredited by the Instituto Cervantes and specialized in organizing Spanish immersion programs abroad throughout the year. Thanks to our collaboration with different universities, students can gain European university credits with our Spanish courses (minimum 50 class hours). These credits can be transferred to your college or university.

Summer 2019 Scholarships Program for NSHSS Members

Tía Tula Spanish School is offering some scholarships for its Spanish Immersion 2019 Summer Program, to NSHSS members only.

  • 1 full scholarship (application deadline: March 1st 2019): one tuition-based scholarship to the Intensive Spanish Language Course during four weeks in July 2019 (from the 30th of June to the 27th of July 2019). The school will sponsor the tuition of four hours daily of Spanish lessons and the arrangement of housing with a host family, which includes full board for the duration of the four-week program. The winner of the full scholarship is the person with the scholarship application number closest to the winning number of the Spanish National Lottery of the 2nd of March 2019. See the General Conditions about the drawing below.
  • 36 partial scholarships (application deadline: April 30th 2019): The program consists of Intensive Spanish Language Course + Accommodation at a Spanish host family and full board. You can choose 4, 3 or 2 weeks on a row, between the 16th of June and the 3rd of August 2019. At this moment we have:
    • 4 available (out of 12, initial number of places) 4-weeks partial scholarships - The cost of the full program is 1350€. With the partial scholarship, Tía Tula covers 40% of the course (262€), and so the final cost of this Partial Scholarship Program is 1088€.
    • 12 available 3-weeks partial scholarships - The cost of the full program is 1057€. With the partial scholarship, Tía Tula covers 40% of the course (210€), and so the final cost of this Partial Scholarship Program is 847€.
    • 12 available 2-weeks partial scholarships - The cost of the full program is 747€. With the partial scholarship, Tía Tula covers 40% of the course (150€), and so the final cost of this Partial Scholarship Program is 597€.
    To benefit from this partial scholarship option, it is necessary to register for the program and make a deposit of 150€ at the moment of the registration (you will receive the proper instructions to make it, after your registration). The complete payment has to be done 2 weeks before the program starts. In case you will be finally the winner of the full scholarship, you will be refunded this cost. So if you are interested in the program, please register now to book your place among the 36 partial scholarships, as places will be allocated on a first-come-first-served registration basis:

Do you need some help to jump and join the program? We can give it to you:

Have a look at the "Interview to a NSHSS student in Tía Tula Spanish School" or the "The Spanish Experience of 4 NSHSS Partial Scholarship Students at Tia Tula" brochure, to learn all about the program from words of former NSHSS students who have already enjoyed it before.
Schedule a Skype/Hangouts chat with us so as we can show you (you and maybe your parents, as well) this is a really great and safe adventure. Because there is nothing like talking and knowing people to clear all doubts... You only have to ask for it by email at
Contact NSHSS students who enjoyed the scholarship in past years, and ask them anything. We will provide this contact if you request it.

All applicants are welcome to Tía Tula, no matter your level of Spanish or if you are a beginner.

Winner of the draw and the full scholarship

Jennifer Diaz Cornejo
from Salt Lake City, US, Utah

(Winning number of the Spanish National Lottery March 2nd, 2019: 74264;
Jennifer’s application number 74262)


We already have a winner of the full scholarship. Now we look for 36 more winners who want to join her with a partial scholarship!

General Conditions for the Draw for the full scholarship
  • The drawing and the scholarship are expressly limited to NSHSS members, and only one application per NSHSS member will be admitted
  • The winner of the scholarship will be the person with the application number closer to the winning number of the Spanish National Lottery of the 2nd of March 2019. Every application number will be a random number between 0 and 99,999, the minimum and maximum numbers in this lottery (for further information see; there you can check the winning number on 3rd of March 2019). If two application numbers were equally close to the winning number of the lottery, the winning application number would be the highest number: for instance, if the winning number of the lottery were 10,000, and one applicant had as application number 9,998 and another applicant had 10,002, the winner would be the applicant with the number 10,002.
  • Tía Tula will announce the winner the 4th of March 2019, after verifying he or she is a NSHSS member. The awarded applicant will have until 28th March to accept or reject the scholarship. If the first awarded applicant finally does not accept the full scholarship, another application will be chosen as winner then (next one closest to the winner number), this time with April 11th as deadline for the acceptance. If this second person does not answer or decline the scholarship, the full scholarship will be declared deserted.
  • The scholarship will take place from the 30th of June to the 27th of July 2019.
  • Tía Tula will sponsor the tuition of the Intensive Spanish Language Course (80 class hours) during four weeks and the housing with a host family, full board, during the time of the scholarship. The cost of the European university credits are not included in the scholarship. If the scholarship recipient wants to obtain them, he or she will be charged.
  • The scholarship recipient is responsible for his/her travel to and from Salamanca, Spain, and for the costs of the activities organized by Tía Tula if he/ she decides to participate in them.

  • In case of conflict or disagreement about the correct interpretation of the scholarship or about its compliance, the scholarship applicant and Tía Tula expressly waive any other jurisdiction to which they may be entitled and submit themselves to the jurisdiction of the courts of Salamanca, Spain.
  • According to the Spanish Legislation relating to confidentiality and protection of personal data (Article 15/1999), personal information will be treated as private information by Tía Tula Colegio de Español. Tía Tula informs the applicant that personal data obtained through the free completion of this form will be included in a file for automated processing; the applicant, meanwhile, authorizes this treatment by accepting these conditions. The data is purely for internal use, statistical and administrative purposes, and to communicate with the applicant. The data may be used during the provision of services and subsequent to the provision of services in dealing with outstanding matters related to these same services. In any case, in accordance with Spanish Legislation, the applicant may, at any time, exercise his/her rights of access, rectification, cancellation and opposition by writing to Tía Tula Colegio de Español, S.L. (CIF:B37410214) - which acknowledges and accepts responsibility for the control of the data -, to c/ Palominos 23, 37008 Salamanca (Spain).
  • The student also agrees that his/her image can be used for advertising when it appears in photos or video taken inside the school, or during extracurricular activities
  • The applicant has read and understood the above conditions, and accepts them.

For further information about Tía Tula Spanish School and Tía Tula Spanish Programs, please visit the rest of the Tía Tula Official Website or write us to

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  • Misión comercial a China (octubre 2017)
  • Participación Convención ACTFL (15-19 noviembre 2017)
  • Misión comercial a Japón diciembre 2017

Acciones cofinanciadas por el Instituto para la Competitividad Empresarial de Castilla y León (ICE) y por Fondo Europeo de Desarrollo Regional (FEDER).

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