Cursos de traducción e interpretación en Salamanca, España - Colegio Tía TulaCourses for translation and interpretation ein Salamanca, España - Colegio Tía Tula
... in einer der malerischsten Städte Europas
... im Herzen der Spanischen Sprache

Course for translation and interpretation


What is included?

Written Translation: general translation courses, direct and indirect written texts

Consecutive and Simultaneous Interpretation: the courses are about consecutive and simultaneous, direct and indirect spoken language

Languages offered

All the translation and interpretation courses are organized in combination with Spanish as an A or B language. You can follow courses with English, French, German, Dutch and Italian.

Who are these courses aimed at?

Whether you are a students at the faculty of translation, a future student of interpretation, a tourist guide, a professor, professional translator or an interpreter, or simply has knowledge of at least two languages and the curiosity and desire to learn more, this will be a course that you will like. We will make you discover something completely new for you: Interpretation, an activity as exciting as challenging.

Different levels

Levels: level 1 Introduction of translation. Level 2 practice general translation. Level 3 Practice technical translation.

Levels: level 1 Introduction of the technical aspect of interpretation and level 2 Practice consecutive and simultaneous interpretation.

Type of course

All the courses can be followed individually or in groups.

Translation Courses
Interpretation Courses
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Anerkennungen und Partner

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