Cursos de traducción e interpretación en Salamanca, España - Colegio Tía TulaCourses for translation and interpretation ein Salamanca, España - Colegio Tía Tula
... in one of the most beautiful cities of Europe
... in the heart of the Spanish language

Course for translation and interpretation


What is included?

Written Translation: general translation courses, direct and indirect written texts

Consecutive and Simultaneous Interpretation: the courses are about consecutive and simultaneous, direct and indirect spoken language

Languages offered

All the translation and interpretation courses are organized in combination with Spanish as an A or B language. You can follow courses with English, French, German, Dutch and Italian.

Who are these courses aimed at?

Whether you are a students at the faculty of translation, a future student of interpretation, a tourist guide, a professor, professional translator or an interpreter, or simply has knowledge of at least two languages and the curiosity and desire to learn more, this will be a course that you will like. We will make you discover something completely new for you: Interpretation, an activity as exciting as challenging.

Different levels

Levels: level 1 Introduction of translation. Level 2 practice general translation. Level 3 Practice technical translation.

Levels: level 1 Introduction of the technical aspect of interpretation and level 2 Practice consecutive and simultaneous interpretation.

Type of course

All the courses can be followed individually or in groups.

Translation Courses
Interpretation Courses
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Accreditations & Partners

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