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What our students say about us...

Thais de Cassia Cabral (Brazil)
I loved being here in Salamanca, with the care of Tía Tula. From the first day every detail was thought out: what to do, how and with whom. In every moment they are caring for you, with a lot of attention and lots of cultural activities. The classes are clear and rapid progress is seen with the language. My family was also chosen with a lot of care. I was perfectly fine, like a spoiled child. Wonderful days... Muchas gracias!
Michael Dunkailo (USA)
Deciding to study at Tía Tula has turned out to be one of the best decisions that I have ever made. While studying at Tía Tula, it is like everybody is one big family. You are accepted from the second that you walk in the door, no matter what level of Spanish you speak. If any student needs help with anything the staff drops everything that they are doing to help you. It is absolutely incredible. Also, the patience that all of the teachers have is unbelievable. Learning a new language is dificult and they all understand that. Every week there were new and interesting activities to do, all organized by the school. And the best part is that the majority of the activities were free! I would and I have recommended Tía Tula to anybody who wants to learn Spanish. It is a great school in an unbeatable location. Thank you Tía Tula for everything!
Steffi Zhetner (Germany)
The great advantage of Tía Tula is that it is a family atmosphere because it's not a big school. From the beginning I felt comfortable in the school and I enjoyed learning Spanish here. Also it was good for me because the groups of students were small. Although I only stayed for a short time I can recommend to everybody to take a course at Tía Tula and to get to know Salamanca, one of the most beautiful and lively cities that I know!
Florine Courreges (France)
Tía Tula is a very organized and welcoming school. The courses are well supported by teachers who know how to listen and you get to the final explanation. I recommend this school to anyone who wants to progress with your Spanish quickly.
Christina Jepsen (Denmark)
Tía Tula is like being at home! The school is super cool and the people are very friendly!
Patrick Meagher (Australia)
My time in Tía Tula has been a wonderful learning experience. I like to think my Spanish has improved by leaps and bounds since enrolling here. I will never forget my teachers who have been so patient with me. And the staff, all of whom have been a great help to me. I would recommend Tía Tula to any student who wishes to come to Salamanca and learn Spanish. Trust me, you won't regret it.
Marie-Claude Henry (Belgium)
I really liked the warmth, the conversations and every relationship. We laughed almost all of the time. The family was wonderful to me. The whole time we were speaking Spanish.
Helen Bartley (UK)
I've had a really great time here. The Spanish course has been excellent and they were very patient with my low level of Spanish. The teachers are very friendly and great. I hope to come back sometime soon. Thank you so much.
Bruno Frota (Brasil)
Tía Tula is an extremely organized school that accompanied me and gave me all the necessary support from my first day. There I learned the Spanish language in a pleasant and fun way thanks to the environment and all people, from staff and teachers to classmates. People that today are great friends.
Aurore Pittet (Switzerland)
Tía Tula is a great school, the teachers are very nice and you can do many activities during the week. And my Spanish is much better than when I arrived.
Davide Innocenzi (Italy)
I found the people very willing to respond very well and to help me learn Spanish. The teachers have been very patient and always prepared to teach. The atmosphere is very young and the director is very friendly. The structure is very good and the next time I come back to Salamanca, as I prepare to pass the DELE exam, I will enroll in Tía Tula, no doubt. Thank you all.
Maria Ignez Gomes (Brazil)
Tía Tula is a complete school. The structure and teaching together with many other factors is what makes Tía Tula a perfect place to learn Spanish. All the details that we needed when we arrived in a foreign country had been thought out. From the way we are, our concerns about housing and extracurricular activities. All so that we feel like we're at home. Highly qualified teachers to teach Spanish and staffed entirely dedicated to the needs of the students, people that I carry with me throughout my life. Perfect days I'll never forget. Thank you very much for everything!!
Austen Wageman (USA)
Tía Tula was very helpful to me. I am satisfied with the great three weeks me and my family took. I still have a long way to go home and I am looking forward to coming back to Tía Tula if we come back to Salamanca in the future.
Véronique Estiene (France)
I liked the school Tía Tula very much. I'm from France and everyone is nice here. The atmosphere, the professors..., everything is great. If I had to return to Salamanca and I had to pick a school again, I'm sure that it would be Tía Tula!
Aline Rocha (Brazil)
Tía Tula is a very organized school. The teachers are very attentive and the atmosphere is very friendly. In 4 weeks I learned a lot and now I am very happy about that.
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