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Student's knowledge of Spanish now * (if you do not know exactly which is your level, you can find it out in a moment with our level tests):
A1 - Beginner
A2 - Elementary
B1 - Intermediate
B2 - High Intermediate
C1 - Advanced
C2 - Superior
Base Course chosen for the registration *:
CI : Spanish Language Intensive Course
CICO : CI + Conversation
CICC : CI + Culture and Civilization
One-to-one 20 : 20 one-to-one lessons per week
One-to-one 10 : 10 one-to-one lessons per week
Combo CI : CI + One-to-one lessons
Combo CICO : CICO + One-to-one lessons
Intensive Translation Course in Group
Intensive Translation Course in a Small Group
Individual Translation classes : 15 classes per week
Individual Translation classes : 20 classes per week
Individual Translation classes : 25 classes per week
Intensive Interpretation Course in Group
Intensive Interpretation Course in a Small Group
Individual Interpretation classes : 15 classes per week
Individual Interpretation classes : 20 classes per week
Individual Interpretation classes : 25 classes per week
Complementary courses (elective all of them; you can register so many as you want):
One-to-one 5 (5 one-to-one lessons per week)
Spanish Culture and Civilization
Spanish and Latin-American Literature
Spanish and Latin-American Cinema
Mixed: Conversation + Composition
Spanish for Business
Course start and end dates * (keep in mind our Academic Calendar, especially if you have a 'Beginner' level):


NOTE: Course registration is measured in weeks. Each Monday begins a new week, from Monday to Friday and counts as one completed week. If sign up is completed on a day other than Monday, the sign up date will be recorded as the previous Monday. The minimum allowed period of attendance is two weeks.

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The first date is the date you'll arrive to the accommodation. The second date, the date you will leave it.

Total: weeks and extra nights.

Write here any doubt or comment you want to add, about the courses or about the accommodation: special diets, special medical conditions, special necessities, preferences... Whatever you want.

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(1) If you have chosen 'Another option I want to be managed' as accommodation option, the accommodation costs will be fixed later, depending on the type of accommodation you have asked for.
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I accept the following General Conditions (compulsory for the Pre-Registration submission):

 General Conditions  
  • 1. The pre-sign up process will be considered complete by filling out and submitting the previous form. Once this form is received, instructions will be given regarding the payment due in order to complete the sign up process and reserve a spot in the course. (Housing placement will also follow this same process). The minimum payment guaranteeing the reservation of the course is 150€: this amount is to be paid as an advance payment and will be considered as a security deposit for the student.
  • 2. If the student wishes to cancel his or her enrollment, he or she will be entitled to the refund of part or all of the sign up fee as long as he or she cancels before the start of the course. The refund policy is as follows:
    - if notified with at least 30 days notice, 75% of the fee will be returned;
    - if notified between 30 and 15 days before the start of the course, 50% of the fee will be returned;
    - if notified between 1 and 15 days before the start of the course, 25% of the fee* will be returned;
    - once the course is started, no refund will be made in any case.
    These percentages will be applied to the amount that remains after subtracting the security deposit and the non-refundable expenses (bank charges if any, express mail charges if any, and transfer costs if any).
    If the student had applied for a VISA to come to Spain and study at Tía Tula, the terms and rates stated before will not be applied: in this case, the student will be only entitled to a refund if the VISA is eventually denied, and under the terms and conditions expressed in point 4.
  • 3. Tía Tula reserves the right to cancel the sign up of any student that has not paid all the corresponding fees or who behaves in any inappropriate manner in any circumstance. In both cases the student will lose the right to a refund.
  • 4. If a student needs to ask for a VISA to study at Tía Tula, Tía Tula will send the student all the documents the student could require (once the registration payment is received). If eventually the student does not get the VISA and can prove it with the official refusal letter, Tía Tula will refund the total payment - minus the security deposit and the bank and management fees -, except in the following cases:
    - the VISA has been refused because the student has provided false documentation in his/her attempt to get the VISA allegedly for learning Spanish at Tía Tula;
    - the student sends Tía Tula a false VISA refusal letter; in this case, furthermore, Tía Tula will immediately inform the Spanish Embassy about it, in order to cancel the VISA;
    - the VISA has been refused because the student has not the appropriate level of Spanish language; in this case, the student must improve his/her Spanish until he/she reach the appropriate level and then he/she must apply for the VISA again.
    If the visa is granted to the student and he refuses it later, for whatever reason, the refund conditions that could be applied to the student then, would be the same rules that apply to all students who do not need a visa (see point 2).
  • 5. Besides classes, the price of the course includes:
    - School material and books needed in the classes (not included in the case of distance learning courses).
    - Level test on the first day at school.
    - Cultural activities and specified free social events announced on the center's bulletin/announcement board.
    - Both a Tía Tula Student ID Card and an International Students of Spanish in Salamanca card (card SCE), which allow the holder to benefit from numerous discounts in Salamanca including discounts on services and cultural activities, sports facilities, shops, cinemas, restaurants, etc.
    - Free Internet access within the school.
    - The reservation of chosen housing (if there is such) and the possibility to change with justified reasoning (all other changes will result in an extra charge of 15€ each). In the case of a change in housing, notice must be given at least one week in advance of the desired date of change.
    - Academic Certificate from Tía Tula.
    However, all charges that could be caused by bank transfers (or similars) in order to complete the payment, are not included in the price of the course: they are considered responsibility of the own student.
  • 6. The courses are organized in such a way that any student will be able to easily join the class that best suits his or her level. However, students should keep in mind that when they enroll, they may have to take an exam to check their level at the end of each month. If the student´s level is A1, he or she must start classes on one of the dates when this level begins, which you can find by looking at our academic calendar.
  • 7. Tía Tula commits to teaching to the end any intensive course (without complementary subjects such as "Conversation" or "Culture and Civilization"), One-to-one course or Spanish exam preparation course (DELE, A-Level, GCSE, etc.), regardless of the number of students that there may be at any moment of the course. Tía Tula nevertheless reserves the right to cancel any other course or complementary course when the number of students is less than 3; in this case, the remainder part of the course will be refunded to the student.
  • 8. If the chosen form of housing is in a shared flat, the students must take into consideration the following:
    - The flat is a student flat which has all necessary appliances but it might not have all the commodities of a family flat.
    - It is the responsibility and obligation of the students living in the flat to clean and maintain it in good condition.
    - The basic norms of community living, tolerance, and respect are to be maintained and upheld.
  • 9. If the chosen form of housing is with a family, the students must take into consideration the following:
    - The washing or laundering of clothes is included in the price and consists of one wash load per week. The family is not responsible for washing delicate items of clothing or items that may stain other items of clothing. It is the responsibility of the student to know these situations.
    - The student may not cook his or her own food unless he or she has reached an agreement with the family. In which case, Tía Tula will not be involved in such matters.
    - Eating schedules and basic rules of community living as well as specific rules established by each family must be abided by.
  • 10. Registered weeks with holidays in the middle will be charged as entire weeks, and classes corresponding to holidays will not be recovered.
  • 11. According to the Spanish Legislation relating to confidentiality and protection of personal data (Article 15/1999), personal information will be treated as private information by Tía Tula Colegio de Español. Tía Tula informs the student that personal data obtained through the free completion of this form will be included in a file for automated processing; the student, meanwhile, authorizes this treatment by accepting these conditions. The data is purely for internal use and is for statistical and administrative purposes - designed to help provide the services that the student requests and to communicate with him/her regarding these services. The data may be used during the provision of services and subsequent to the provision of services in dealing with outstanding matters related to these same services. In any case, in accordance with Spanish Legislation, the student may, at any time, exercise his/her rights of access, rectification, cancellation and opposition by writing to Tía Tula Colegio de Español, S.L. (CIF:B37410214) - which acknowledges and accepts responsability for the control of the data -, to c/ Palominos, 23 - 37008 Salamanca (Spain).
    The student also agrees that his/her image can be used for advertising when it appears in photos or video taken inside the school, or during extracurricular activities.
  • 12. The above Conditions complement the General Terms and Conditions of Tía Tula Colegio de Español SL for the specific service contracted here.
  • 13. The student has read and understood the above conditions, and accept them. The contract that this implies is a statement of civil law and respects the rights of the consumers, in particular in Article 82/95 of the Junta de Castilla y León and Article 26/84 of the law in defense of consumers.
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