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Tía Tula Colegio de Español – Cursos de Español en Salamanca, EspañaTia Tula Spanish School – Spanish Courses in Salamanca, SpainTía Tula École d’Espagnol – Cours d'Espagnol à Salamanque, EspagneTía Tula Spanisch Sprachschule - Spanischkurse in Salamanca, SpanienTía Tula Colegio de Español - Corsi di Spagnolo a Salamanca, in SpagnaEstudar Espanhol em Salamanca, Espanha – Tía Tula Colégio de EspanholSpanyol Spanyolországban - Tía Tula Spanyol Nyelviskola SalamancábanSpaans leren in Spanje - Tía Tula, Cursus Spaans in SalamancaŠpanělština ve Španělsku – Tía Tula, kurzy španělštiny v SalamanceŠpanielčina v Španielsku – Tía Tula, kurzy španielčiny v SalamankeNauka hiszpańskiego w Salamance, Hiszpanii - Szkoła języka hiszpańskiego Tía TulaИспанский в Испании - Изучать испанский язык в Саламанке, Испанияスペインでスペイン語 - スペイン留学 - ティアトゥラ スペイン語学校(サラマンカ)

Tía Tula Spanish School

in Salamanca, Spain

The perfect place to learn Spanish

High quality international Spanish courses
in the historic town of Salamanca
The most effective way to learn Spanish or improve it
Live the experience. And live it in Spanish!
Easier than you may think...
And tailor-made programs for groups!
Ahora es muy fácil venir a España Ahora es muy fácil venir a España
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Watch these videos, discover Tía Tula and come to learn Spanish in Spain with us*:
Discovering Tía Tula
Tía Tula
A video by a student from the USA about his stay in Tía Tula.
Salamanca Ciudad del Español
Salamanca, Ciudad del Español
Find out why Salamanca is known as the city of Spanish.
A week at Tía Tula
A week at
Tía Tula
Seven days of three students at Tía Tula. An unforgettable life experience.
Extracurricular activities in
Tía Tula
Here an example of extracurricular activites at Tía Tula.
Extracurricular activities in Tía Tula
Tía Tula’s Spanish teachers
Our Spanish teachers tell us what they like most about teaching Spanish.
Tía Tula’s Spanish teachers
Study Spanish
at Tía Tula in Salamanca
Description of the entire program offered by Tía Tula: courses, activities and accommodation.
Spanish courses at Tía Tula in Salamanca, Spain

* Some of the images included in these videos, as well as in the website, correspond to Tía Tula’s former facilities. Pictures from the current facilities can be found in "The School" section.

Student testimonials:

Fotos alumno Roger Roger Matthews (Sudáfrica / South Africa) When I was looking for a Spanish school in Salamanca, I read lots of good reviews about Tía Tula: about its great location in the middle of the historic center of the city, about its lovely facilities, about its happy and friendly environment and its high human quality... All that turned out to be true but what I liked the most was the quality of their courses and academic program, so professional and effective. I recommend Tía Tula to everyone who really wants to learn the proper Spanish in a lovely place within a beautiful city and with nice people.
Everyone says that Salamanca is the perfect city to learn Spanish.
A friend recommended to come here.
I like Salamanca an awful lot...There are lots of foreing students and it is a modern and cosmopolitan city.
Xiachao, from China

I gathered information and discovered that the most correct Spanish of Spain is spoken in Salamanca.
Piero, from Italy

I chose Tía Tula because I found this school on the Internet, and it is very good, I like it.
Bernard, from Netherlands
Spanish courses at Tía Tula in Salamanca, Spain
Interview of three students at
Tía Tula (on the National Spanish Radio, RNE)
Three students from different countries talk about their experience at Tía Tula on the National Spanish Radio (RNE).
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Asómate a la vida de la escuela
Spanish Courses in Salamanca
Learn Spanish in Spain
Salamanca: City of Spanish
Extracurricular Activities of the Spanish Courses
Accomodation for Spanish Students in Salamanca
Tía Tula Spanish School in Salamanca, Spain
Bout Tour on the river Tormes in Salamanca
Spanish Students in Salamanca, Spain

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Los proyectos tienen como objetivo genérico conseguir un tejido empresarial más competitivo en el marco internacional.

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  • Marketing Internacional: catálogos, promoción en internet (de julio a diciembre 2017)
  • Misión comercial a China (octubre 2017)
  • Participación Convención ACTFL (15-19 noviembre 2017)
  • Misión comercial a Japón diciembre 2017

Acciones cofinanciadas por el Instituto para la Competitividad Empresarial de Castilla y León (ICE) y por Fondo Europeo de Desarrollo Regional (FEDER).

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