2022 Scholarship Program for working teachers of Spanish in non-Spanish speaking countries - CLOSED

Who are the scholarships available to?

The scholarships are meant for teachers of Spanish of secondary or higher education working in academic institutions in countries where Spanish is taught as a subject, either as a second language or as a complementary language (not native language).

(Teachers enrolling the program must have at least a B2 level of Spanish. Please, if you are not sure about your Spanish level, you can take our placement tests).

What the Professional Development Program for Teachers of Spanish consists of?

The Professional Development Program for Teachers of Spanish consists of a summer one-week training / perfection / refresher course for teachers of Spanish in Salamanca (Spain), imparted by the Tía Tula faculty, all of whom are specialized in teaching Spanish as a Foreign Language and Spanish teacher training. It is an ideal program for teachers of Spanish looking for a professional development course.

Usually, teachers are awarded with professional development credits towards license renewal with this program by their school district. Please, since it depends on district regulations, consult with your school district.

The Program includes:

  • A one-week training / perfection / refresher course for Spanish teachers (one-week course: 15 hours over 5 days, from Monday to Friday).
  • Accommodation in Salamanca: in private room with full board.
  • Extracurricular activities over the course week. Teachers are invited to participate in the afternoon and evening cultural and leisure activities organized for them from Monday to Friday. Visit the Photo Gallery of past programs.
  • Course completion certificate issued by Tía Tula Colegio de Español as an Instituto Cervantes Accredited Centre in Salamanca (Spain).

Course content

  • Frequent doubts in the use of Spanish grammar: direct/indirect object pronouns, past tenses, ser/estar, the subjunctive, etc. How to work with grammar in class.
  • Spanish language teaching materials development and exploitation + Internet resources (Genially and other software).
  • Spanish language for specific purposes: Literature, and how to improve our classes.
  • Gamification techniques in the classroom: different ideas and how to help to create them.

Program dates

There are two shifts/dates for the Professional Development Program for Teachers of Spanish:

1st Shift/dates: June 19st to 25th 2022 - COMPLETED.

2nd Shift/dates: June 26th to July 2nd 2022 - COMPLETED.

3rd Shift/dates: July 3rd to 9th 2022 - COMPLETED.

4th Shift/dates: July 10th to 16th 2022 - ONLY 1 VACANCY!.

5th Shift/dates: July 31st to August 6th 2022 - COMPLETED.

Who grants the scholarships for the Program?

The scholarships are part of a coordinated program between the Regional Government of Castile and Leon (Spain) and Tía Tula Colegio de Español, Instituto Cervantes Accredited School. Tía Tula Colegio de Español grants the scholarships.

Types and number of scholarships

There are two types of scholarships:

  • Full scholarship: Tía Tula Colegio de Español covers 100% of the total cost of the Professional Development Program for Teachers of Spanish (1100€). Number of full scholarships: 2 (adjudication by lottery among applicants). - CLOSED DEADLINE
  • Partial scholarship: Tía Tula Colegio de Español covers 50% of the total cost of the Professional Development Program for Teachers of Spanish (550€). Number or partial scholarships: 15 (adjudication by order of receipt of applications).

How to apply and how the scholarships will be granted?

To apply for a scholarship, just complete and submit the Scholarship application form below.

With the option "Full scholarship" checked, you will participate in the raffle of the 2 full scholarships of the Program*. With the option "Partial scholarship" also checked in the application form (in "Type of scholarship requested", section on the top), you will be expressing your interest in the partial scholarship too for the case of not winning a full scholarship. The partial scholarships will be granted on a first-signed, first-served basis: first 15 applications for partial scholarship fully completed (payment of a 150€ deposit included**) will get the spot.

After Tía Tula's confirmation of a full or partial scholarship, the applicant will have 15 days to send Tía Tula a letter from his/her educational institution, proving being a teacher of Spanish for the course year 2021-2022.

* Raffle of the 2 full scholarships of the Program

The raffle will take place in the following manner: each applicant will receive a randomly selected number between 0 and 99999 (lowest and highest number in the Spanish National Lottery: The two applicants with the numbers closest to the winning number in the Spanish National Lottery draw on Saturday, February 12th 2022 will be granted a full scholarship. Should two applicants have two numbers equidistant from the 'winning number', the highest of the two numbers will have precedence. For example, if 10000 were the 'winning number' and applicants had been assigned 9997, 9998, 9999, 10001, 10002 and 10003, the order of adjudication would be the following: 10001, 9999, 10002, 9998, 10003, 9997; therefore, in principle, the two scholarships would be assigned to the numbers 10001 and 9999.

Should a successful applicant reject the scholarship offer, the applicant holding the next closest number will be selected as a replacement (in the above example, applicant 10002 would be selected).

** A 150€ deposit is required to confirm the reservation of a partial scholarship; this deposit will be subtracted of the payment of the complementary part to the scholarship (550€). The deposit will not be refundable if the student decides to cancel his/her spot at the end: only if a person who has obtained a partial scholarship wins the raffle of a full scholarship, this deposit will be refunded.


  • Deadline for full scholarships applications: 11th February 2022 (final day).
  • Deadline for partial scholarships applications: One week before the start of the shift you are interested in. Note, however, that partial scholarships are adjudicated as applications are received with the payment of the reserve deposit included, so that the application closing period is usually determined rather by the exhaustion of the 15 scholarships planned partials.

Optional Spanish Culture and Conversation Course

Additional and complementary to the Professional Development Program for Teachers of Spanish, Tía Tula offers a Spanish Culture and Conversation Course to those attendees who want it. It consists of an oral practice of Spanish to improve the Spanish level of the teachers and the treatment of different topics happening currently in Spain. This optional course, takes place one hour each day, complements perfectly with the Methodology Course (which is essentially focused in the teaching of Spanish as a foreign language), and it has a cost of 175€. In case you are also interested on it, please tell us by email to after complete and send your application for a scholarship.

Possibility of coming with a relative or friend?

If you wish to come with a relative or a friend (Spanish teacher or not), please tell us by email to, and we will detailed you possibilities and costs.

Contact for queries or questions

For further information regarding the scholarships or the application process, please contact us at

Scholarship application form

The period for submitting applications for full scholarship is already closed.

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