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Complementary Spanish Courses

These courses and subjects supplement the other main courses and go in depth about different aspects of Spanish Language or Culture. They require a minimum of 3 persons.

Students can choose them according to their necessities or interests, so many as they want:
  • Spanish Culture and Civilization
    5 hours a week
    Minimum Spanish level required: B (Intermediate)

    From prehistoric to current days, Spain has shaped the hegemony of different cultures. The art, architecture, paintings and sculpture, have defined each era of Spain life. Knowing these cultures and their influence on our country, one can ascertain a comprehension of our society.

  • Spanish and Latin-American Literature
    5 hours a week
    Minimum Spanish level required: B (Intermediate)

    In this course we gather monographs from the week announced previously, separating the authors according to various epigraphs for example "Latin-American Woman from Century XX", "Generation of 98", "Generation of 27"...

  • Spanish and Latin-American Cinema
    5 hours a week
    Minimum Spanish level required: B (Intermediate)

    All countries have movies that represent their own identity. The works of various Spanish and Latin-American directors have notably influenced other authors in the rest of the world. The variety of our Spanish Cinema is comprised of many genres, though comedy and social denunciation clearly rule over the rest.

  • Conversation
    5 hours a week
    Minimum Spanish level required: None

    The only way to learn a language is to practice it. With these classes you will learn distinct expressions important in the spoken language, intonations, expressions... It is also a practice of learned vocabulary.

  • Written Expression (Composition)
    5 hours a week
    Minimum Spanish level required: None

    It is not the same to write a letter asking a university for information as it is to write an email to a friend, or a poetry narrative. According to the level of knowledge you are able to develop other styles of writing, those which you most would like to learn.

  • Mix: Conversation and Written Expression (Composition)
    5 hours a week
    Minimum Spanish level required: None

    If you desire a little bit of everything, this course doesn't only go in depth of conversations and written expression, but it works together with other materials suitably.

  • Spanish for Business
    5 hours per week
    Minimum Spanish level required: B (Intermediate)

    To achieve a Spanish curriculum in interviews, business letters, and terms used in financial firms, which are the principal indicators of our economy, or to use Business Spanish in your work, this course is more than appropriate.

Schedule of Complementary Courses

Classes are held during an afternoon schedule, between 4 pm and 7 pm according to the notice board announcements specified at the school, Monday through Thursday, leaving Friday afternoons free.

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Los proyectos tienen como objetivo genérico conseguir un tejido empresarial más competitivo en el marco internacional.

Actuaciones subvencionadas:
  • Marketing Internacional: catálogos, promoción en internet (de julio a diciembre 2017)
  • Misión comercial a China (octubre 2017)
  • Participación Convención ACTFL (15-19 noviembre 2017)
  • Misión comercial a Japón diciembre 2017

Acciones cofinanciadas por el Instituto para la Competitividad Empresarial de Castilla y León (ICE) y por Fondo Europeo de Desarrollo Regional (FEDER).

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